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Haute École D'art Et De Design

Haute École D'Art et de Design Gèneve was created in 2006 from the meeting of the College of Fine Arts and the High School of Applied Arts, whose history dates back to the XVIII th century. In ongoing dialogue with the art scene and the regional economy, students, teachers, artists and speakers from Switzerland and around the continent, provide the school with a urban and international atmosphere. Still very young, HEAD - Geneva is constantly evolving, but has already established itself as one of the best art and design schools of Europe. 

HEAD - Geneva offers a wide range of lessons bachelor level (visual arts, film, interior design, visual communication, fashion design and accessories) and 7 progammes master (visual arts, cinema, fashion design and accessories, and spaces communication, media design). The workshops led by designers, artists and international director matrix-s guest-es, contribute to the dynamics of an educational space conceived as a space of freedom and personal and social responsibility. Various aesthetic practices, based on research and experimentation, and implementation of significant technical, traditional and innovative ways, are articulated theoretical lessons designed as the knowledge that the exercise of intellectual reflection plural. Expertise and know-thinking are the two pillars of pedagogy that denies all dogmatism in favor of a critical understanding of the contemporary world. Engaged with the cultural, social and professional of today, teaching the HEAD - Geneva promotes a close dialogue between teachers and students, are considered as the true actors in their creative careers.



    Haute École D'Art Et De Design



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