New On The Catwalk

Siki Im

Siki Im’s strong menswear line is perfectly suited to the urban landscape of New York City where the designer’s creativity thrives. His aesthetic pays attention to the toughness that can be found on the flip- side of beauty. Prior to fashion, Siki received top honors from Oxford College of Architecture and worked on many projects throughout the world, so it’s no wonder that when he turned his attention to fabric, he decided to emphasize structure.

" There are too many quotes and mottos to live by. [I think the most important thing is] just be honest and try not to judge."

There’s a palpable “brick-and-mortar” stability in his clothing that doesn’t just come from hardy fabrics and careful construction. Siki’s clothes look like they have survival instincts. A recent collection en- titled “The Island” symbolizes a new era of Lord of the Flies.

Hopefully my collection portrays a feeling or emotion. It doesn’t matter if it's good or bad.

The essence of this, and all of siki’s collections to date, is that resourcefulness, power and durability must draw on an eclectic range of ethnic and subcultural influences to remain progressive and wearable.

  • Siki Im Interview

    ___ If you could design anything else other than fashion, what would it be?

    A church. A yacht.

    ___Who do you consider to be the most stylish person in the whole world?

    Homeless people.

    ___ Where is the most unique or surprising place you have been inspired for materials or patterns?


    ___ What is more important: to clothe the female body in an artistic way, or sensualize the female?

    Both go hand in hand. It can’t be one or the other.

    ___Which three adjectives describe your collection and fashion philosophy?

    Quiet. Strong. Minimal.

    ___ What factors do you feel particularly affect young fashion designers today?

    Impatience. Social media. Minimums of quantities.

    ___Many designers today say that fashion is a kind of storytelling. If so, what story were you telling with your last collection?

    It has been a very personal and spiritual walk I have been experiencing, especially throughout the design process.

    ___ What personality traits do you think every fashion designer has to have to start out in this business?

    Patience. Rigorousness. Balance.

    ___What is the best experience you can share about your very first catwalk show?

    That my close loved ones were watching, especially my mother.

    What or who inspires you?

    Indigenous cultures. New York City. My girlfriend.