New On The Catwalk

Mandy Coon

Mandy Coon was thrust into the fashion world at age 20 when approached by a model scout at a Houston, Texas shopping mall. This blue-eyed beauty spent years being fitted for clothes, fostering in her a deep and personal appreciation for garment construction as well as a very eclectic personal style.

After trying her hand at several fashion projects and collaborations, mandy fell in love with being on the other side of the catwalk, delving further into her knowledge of the industry by learning valuable techniques in haute couture sewing and tailoring at the fashion institute of technology located in the heart of new york city’s garment district. She soon landed an apprenticeship with Danish designer Camilla Stærk, where she put her skills to use to create handmade runway pieces.

" What’s especially appealing about coon is her willingness to be ad hoc. You can practically watch the creative process unfold on her clothes."


In 2010 she launched her own brand that has become known for melding meticulous details with intriguing functionality. Coon resides in the east village and credits her french bulldog petunia as an endless source of inspiration.

  • Mandy Coon Interview

    ___ What is your overall approach to design?

    I try not to censor myself and go with my instincts.

    ___Where is the most unique or surprising place you have been inspired for materials or patterns?


    ___When did you first become interested in fashion?

    Reading my mother’s issues of Vogue as a little girl.

    ___ If you could design anything else other than fashion, what would it be?

    I would love to design furniture.

    ___Three words to describe your style?

    Structural, playful and textural.

    ___What is the key element for good fashion sense and style?

    One should feel comfortable in what they are wearing. if you don’t feel comfortable, it shows.

    ___What would you consider the most daring moment in fashion history?

    The Schiaparelli skeleton dress was scandalous, daring and so ahead of its time.