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Copenhagen School Of Design & Technology

We are in constant dialogue with companies and industry associations to keep education programmes  updated in both form and content. This ensures that the education meets the current requirements and needs of a dynamic labor market. You are therefore well prepared when choosing a future with KEA.

At KEA the international element is of great importance and we pride ourselves of an inter-cultural environment. In 2013, KEA offers 12 different programmes taught entirely in English, and each semester, KEA welcomes a large number of international students intending to complete a full degree at KEA.

We are established as an international educational institution with many exchanges both to and from KEA by both students and teachers. This gives you a wealth of international contacts that are crucial in a globalized marketplace.

We offer a wide range of programmes in English within the fields of Design, communication, construction and Technology. We have students from more than 60 different nations and plan to increase the number of incoming students even further.

As a student you have an interest in doing well in your study. KEA shares this interest, and for this reason the Management Board has adopted a strategy and defined a number of values for KEA. In close cooperation with the business community and educational institutions, KEA aims to develop and deepen business-related programmes at a high academic and practice-oriented level. This is done to accommodate the need for a qualified labour force in a globally- oriented labour market. 


KEA interprets and articulates the surrounding world's trends and requirements for competence, and distilles this into appropriate educational solutions at a high academic level. ­­To achieve this goal, KEA must be able and willing to make whatever adjustments necessary along the way.

Create Meaning And Well-Being

KEA wants to create a sense of well-being and meaningfulness for the individual student and employee. At KEA, we always focus on dialogue and action with great respect for the whole person.

Seize Opportunities And Responsibilities

KEA wants to be proactive with regard to the educational requirements of the business community. These requirements define the content and the form of the programmes. In this way, KEA supports a culture that is willing to take risks, be innovative and promote responsibility.

Challenge Conventional Thinking

KEA wants to be at the forefront when it comes to innovation and trends. Therefore, we meet the challenges of new opportunities and ways of doing things. Thus, KEA can lead the way and break down conventional thinking in the business areas for which we provide education. KEA is willing to accept the battles that this may result in.




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