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Graeme Armour

Graeme Armour designs clothes that have all but scythed down the wheat from the chaff. His work is the wheat, as high-end buyers, elite stylists, and a-list it-girls can attest. Glaswegian born graeme allows his fantasy to run amok in collections that contain a wide-range of idiosyncratic influences.

" Graeme Armour takes aim at the hearts of fashionistas everywhere with his latest collection by bringing modernity to mod looks. The young scot does black and white with a twist, drawing inspiration from the designs of groundbreaking 1960 labels like courrèges [and Balenciaga]."

Janelle Okwodu (

For a past collection he took the idea of traditional Spanish flamenco and infused it with a futuristic edge, mixing ruffles with zipped leather and cashmere, thereby creating the beautiful ideal of a 25th century Carmen.

" Armour’s creative take on motorcycle chic with luxuriously lacerated leather and flat razored ruffles."


A more recent collection emphasized clothing as façade, so graeme found inspiration in the flaps and cutouts of the butcher’s apron. The true talent of the this erstwhile McQueen apprentice is what makes his clothes work in such a flattering way, and his intelligence allows him to wield his scissors and sewing needle with talented gusto, making sometimes unsettling sartorial allusions (butchers?) into irresistibly wearable realities.

  • Graeme Armour Interview

    ___What is more important: clothe the female body in an artistic way or sensualize the female?

    As a young designer being artistic was my first thought. having been in business for two years now, fit and quality are more important.

    ___ Which three adJectives describe your collec- tion and fashion philosophy?

    Dark, chic, uncompromising (intricate if we can get another adjective!)

    ___ What factors do you feel particularly affects young fashion designers today?

    Production. an oversaturated market and a lack of continuity.

    ___What is the key element for good fashion sense and style?

    Style is personal. You can teach someone how to be a designer but you can’t teach style. You either have it or you don’t.

    ___Which designer from the past do you think exerted the most infuence on fashion today?


    ___What personality traits do you think every fashion designer has to have to start out in this business?

    Stubbornness and a willingness to learn.