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Royal College of Art

Originally opened as the Government School of Design, today RCA is the world’s most influential, wholly postgraduate art and design school. On the forefront of creativity and innovation, RCA finds its graduates among the best in their chosen fields, moulding and sculpting the face of modern art and design.

Rejecting the notion that design is purely functional and art is entirely aesthetic, the RCA offers the unique juxtaposition of art in a design environment, and design in an art environment. This encourages new and exciting ways of thinking, taking two seemingly opposing disciplines and marrying them together resulting in refreshing designs, and designers.

The college fosters creativity and innovation as being key principles to success in design and has a strong emphasis on both creative and critical thinking. With courses being taught by renowned practicing artists, designers and theorists, RCA provides strong links to the industries in which its graduates will enter.

Within the School of Fashion and Textiles, a philosophy of research, experimentation, innovation, creativity, versatility and individuality forms the driving force to the design process, providing the foundations to nurture the unique burgeoning talents and ideals of design students, with the notion that they will become future leaders to the fashion and textile industries.

At RCA students can pursue specialisations in areas such as knitwear, footwear accessory design, millinery, and mixed media textiles, with a strong emphasis on developing both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

The Royal College of Arts affords students access to a wide range of technical specialist equipment, including knitting machines, stud presses, specialist sewing machines, computerised hand looms, fusing presses, and embroidery machines.

Throughout the course, various fashion shows are held for students to exhibit their designs to the public, prospective employers and potential investors. Fashion graduates leave the Royal College of Art with a consolidated design identity and sense of aesthetics, as strong communicators with the confidence to work both independently and as part of a design team.

They are inspired, aware designers who challenge and influence aesthetics and the concept of fashion, with a high level of professionalism, theoretical knowledge and advanced technical skills. The Royal College of Art has long produced some of the most talented designers and artists the world has seen, and continues to do so, with a legacy of innovation and creative thinking.

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