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Ravenbourne attracts some of the most innovative and diverse minds in design, media and technology. Many of these come from across the world, but we’re just as keen to find the creators of the future right on our doorstep, within our local community. Through industry links and a dedicated research and enterprise centre, the school champions the role of the knowledge economy in creative businesses.

The young professionals emerge equipped with the skills and commercial acumen to launch successful careers and businesses of their own. Ravenbourne also fosters new collaborations, and helps organisations develop their digital skills. The university runs a creative business incubation programme, using its research and enterprise with converging technologies to support developing design and media companies.

As a design ‘laboratory’, it provides a space for industrial future planning and prototyping, and plays a key role in the innovation of London’s digital technology industries. Many prestigious industry awards are won by its young professionals – from organisations including the Royal Society of Arts, D&AD (Design and Art Direction), Promax, Graduate Fashion Week, New Designers, the Audi Design Foundation, and Brantano. The student degree shows, including broadcasting event Rave Live, are admired and attended by industry leaders. The university has global aspirations and connections – part of a national and international network of innovators, partnering with major multi-national brands like Samsung, Microsoft and MTV. Alumnis include many industry world names.

There are strong links with a number of education institutions in our target markets in China, India, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong. Ten percent of Ravenbourne's students are international, with a high proportion of postgraduates attracted by its significant investment in digital technology and our professional relevance. Ravensbourne is proud of its progress and approach to equality and diversity. The university attracts staff and students from a varied range of cultures and backgrounds, with representation from over seventy countries. True diversity can only be embraced when an organisation puts practical steps in place to ensure that individual differences do not become barriers to inclusion and success.

From the moment you step onto our award-winning campus, we'll stimulate you to join thousands of our graduates who are pushing the boundaries in digital media and design. Our staff aren't just academics - they're doers, still working in industry - so you'll be getting hands-on training from the experts. In our interconnected professions, collaboration is key, so you'll broaden your mind by studying closely with learners from other fields.

And our renowned industry links mean you'll have the chance to sharpen your skills in some of London's most exciting workplaces. By joining our lively student community, studying right beside the amazing O2 music arena in the heart of the Greenwich digital peninsula, we know you'll have fun along the way.




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