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Domus Academy is conceived as a big research lab, exploring future scenarios. The presence of multi-disciplinary teams, together with the rich cultural background of the students and the focus on the research, typical of Italian Design, are the main features of the school. Domus Academy’s approach is that of the learning by doing, meaning learning through study, research and development of ideas and projects based on real companies’ requests and needs, with the aim of transferring the students the know-how needed to work at the top professional level.

The evolution of a System like Fashion not only requires a creator able to design the collections, but it demands a professional figure with more interdisciplinary competences, able to manage and dialogue with the several fields of the Fashion System itself. The fashion designer of today is also Manager and Art Director, able to guide and coordinate the corporate project from the product, to communication and retail aspects. The education offer of the school comes from and evolves in order to respond to the new and growing needs of an increasingly complex market: the Master in Fashion Design, the Master in Accessories Design and the brand new Master in Fashion Management, which will see its first edition in January 2010.

The three MA programmes offer an overview on the Fashion System, to guarantee a constantly updated training, providing the students with the tools for a future vision of how to operate in this more and more hybrid system. The features characterizing Domus Academy’s MA in the fashion area are: the constant relation with the professional world – Fashion Designers, Fashion Managers and Companies invited as professors and lecturers - , the active presence to the appointments of the Made in Italy – Trade Fairs and Runaways – and the constant participation to special projects aimed at supporting alumni.

Master in Accessories Design The programme gives the opportunity to experiment innovative design methodologies and to acquire deep knowledge of the field. It is not just a learning experience; it is a lab where it is possible to express one’s creative sensitivity in line with the different manufacturing and corporate realities. To make and to think are two requirements that need to be more and more connected one with the other in order to give life to a creative and professional identity: the constant dialogue with the different categories of products, the accessory seen as an object living next to the body and becoming an element of communication.

The charm of leather and of jewellery becomes a mark of personal identity. The pathway of the MA programme is specifically focused on whatever lives around the garment and the body. Bags, small leather goods, shoes, glasses, belts, jewels, neck scarves are creations often as meaningful as garments, thus representing the true element characterizing and conferring uniqueness to the style. Master in Fashion Design The programme trains professionals to combine creativity and theoretical knowledge with organization and relational skills with the manufacturing world, to acquire deep knowledge of the Fashion field through an approach integrated between design, cultural, production, marketing and communication aspects.

It is a pathway of experience, of research and project, born out of the combination of the theoretical and philosophical heritage of an innovative teaching method and prestigious professionals. The students are not simply asked to develop a fashion design project, but a process able to highlight the strategic skills of using conceptual tools and apply them to the project. The relation with the corporate reality represents the operational key to face the Fashion System in the different categories of market and products.

The projects are done is collaboration with important designers of the international ready-to-wear scene and with companies operating on wider market segments. Master in Fashion Management The programme intends to train professionals able to combine creative sensitivity and management competences. The future Fashion Managers: able to transform an innovative idea into a successful product. Product Manager, Retail Manager, Brand Manager, Communication Manager who can transfer the value of creativity through deep culture of fashion and product.

Top level professional figures able to read and interpret style, to highlight fashion trends. The MA programme will face the theme of Fashion and Management through the analysis of Italian and international case studies, and will see the students involved in the realization and development of projects in collaboration with companies and professionals from the Fashion System.




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