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For more than 170 years and thanks to high quality teaching, in creation as well as in business, the Esmod International group has trained creative designers and pattern drafters, and also the professionals who accompany them for production, sales and the promotion of their collections. To become part of tomorrow’s talents, Esmod is a must. Capital of Fashion.

Thanks to its rich history, Paris is one of the world’s major Fashion capitals, even more so for Arts and Culture with its essential, attractive character. Top designers have had a strong influence on the city that today has international renown in the fashion world. At the heart of this creative, economic effervescence, Esmod- Isem Paris has been training the players for tomorrow’s fashion over the past 170 years.

The Crossroads of Fashion Neighborhoods

The school is ideally located in two Paris neighborhoods where fashion is omnipresent. Esmod’s headquarters (the La Rochefoucauld site), where the Fashion Design & Creation programs are taught, is in the New Athens area of the 9th arrondissement near the Boulevard Haussmann’s Galeries Lafayette and Le Printemps department stores. It is also near the up-and-coming, culturally dynamic Pigalle-Montmartre neighborhood and Opera-Madeleine, another prime, luxury shopping neighborhood.

Conscious of giving students easy access to the supplies they need for their work, the school offers special rates on equipment in its boutique. Finally, a conference room welcomes professional speakers on various subjects during the year.

The Isem Fashion Business school is in the 2nd arrondissement near rue Montorgueil, another ideal location in a neighborhood close to clothing wholesalers, fabric suppliers, the headquarters of many Ready-to-Wear brands plus trendy fashion boutiques. The 9 classrooms, spread over 5 floors, each have a video-projector and Wifi connection (to help make classes more interactive) and a Cad room (Computer Assisted Design) whose computers are equipped with the newest versions of Office and Adobe Packs. Another computer room is also available during school hours and students have a space to print their projects plus there is an area for eating, relaxing or studying.

School Life

The school participates in local and international Young Designer festivals and fashion contests : Dinard, Hyères, Rowenta. These contests help students integrate into the fashion world by showing their work. In 2013, 30 students from Esmod won awards. The graduating class also has an end-of-year fashion show : one in Paris and one in each of Esmod’s international schools that bring together various members of the fashion community and potential recruiters. Students are regularly solicited by brands for part-time jobs throughout the year : as dressers for fashion shows or to help with sales in showrooms - all enriching experiences.

Always conscious of being at the heart of fashion trends, our blog and webzine invite students to express their thoughts, share their discoveries and tell about school life with its various events (conferences, diploma ceremonies, trade fairs).

School would not be school without student life ! The Esmod and Isem Bde (Student Office), run by students, encourages social events and helps create networks by organizing parties, trips or cultural events.




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