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Swedish School of Textiles

The Swedish School of Textiles is one of its kind in Sweden and one among a few institutions of higher education in the world that within its facilities has a full-scale textile-manufacturing environment. The school has workshops and laboratories for teaching, research and developmental work. Every student attending the design programmes, has his or her own workstation, and access to studios and computer rooms.

The Swedish School of Textiles has about 2500 students studies every year. Borås and its surrounding region has for a long time been the center for manufacturing of clothing and textiles in Sweden. The school maintains an extensive network of contacts with companies in the region. This gives students a unique opportunity to meet people from the industry and develop valuable relations.

The Swedish School of Textiles is considered one of Europe’s most interesting education and research arenas. It is the place where creativity and technology meet. We offer education programmes and courses in basic and advanced level. The seven undergraduate programmes is given with Swedish as the language of instruction. Our seven master programmes is all given in English.


    Swedish School of Textiles

    Allégatan 1, Borås,

    Boras Se-501, SE

    +4633-435 40 00