2 out of 10 of my geranium’s leaves suddenly seem to be fading to a lighter green than the other geraniums.Flowers seem ok for the time being. He says it seems to pick up after it is watered. the yellowing of the leaves sounds like the plants are lacking in nutrients slightly. Females lay their eggs individually on cranesbill flowers and leaves. it sounds like you’ve got a leaf borer at work, try and remove any damaged leaves at the first sign of trouble. Hope it recovers for you. Hi Linda, I sprayed a couple times with soapy water and that seems to do the trick at least for now. They lay eggs on geranium flowers and other flower buds, the eggs are tiny, hatch into tiny larvae that drill round holes into flower buds and devour the interior, blasting the flower. e-mail me direct at gward@thompson-morgan.com Cheers and thanks for your quick response. Sue. I’ve been told of Greening Virus but couldn’t find anything. This problem is a complete mystery, as nobody has yet found the cause, so therefore there is no cure. Thank you, Hi Pam, Some have turned Brown completely. Favourite answer. Page 1 of 2. Some of the leaves are yellowing and are developing holes. All the best Its hard to say without seeing them. Close up of a a leaf of a variegated leaf geranium growing in a clay pot on a home patio. Think of it as an opportunity to try some new varieties – there are so many to choose from! Thankfully there aren’t many pests that are attracted to geraniums and most problems are easily treatable so don’t panic if you encounter any problems – you don’t have to throw your lovely plants away! Spots turn brown or black. I am loathe to use chemical in my garden as I have frog breeding ponds. I hope this helps I hope this helps The best flying time is when cranesbills are flowering. Some deficiency perhaps? Graham. I have bought more plants but am nervous of planting them in case these insects eat them. Some sources note that redness on geranium leaves may also be a sign of under-watering or a result of exposure to cold temperatures. I have taken some photos if of any use. there are a number of both chemical and organic slug pellets available that will kill off these unwanted plant pests. Fungicides or pesticides can be effective against bugs and fungi. My Geraniums have what looks like white powderlike areas on the top of the leaves. If the infection is widespread, entire plants should be destroyed to stop the disease. I am continually having to cut the leaves off as they turn a tan/brown color. In the worst affected part of the border there were white lumps attached to roots all over the place. Remove the affected foliage and then spray with a fungicide and this should help to clear it. The best prevention comes with purchasing disease-free stock from growers who test for disease regularly, plant pathologists at North Dakota State University say. Recently I have noticed browny red spots on the underside of the leaves and blemishes on the top. Geraniums are extremely tolerant plants and known for being reliable, sturdy growers that perform well with very little attention, which is ideal! Variegated leaf geranium growing in a clay pot on a home patio. When we get more constant temperatures, the plants will perk up, give them a fully balanced feed for now to help them along. Skip to content. Your email address will not be published. Click on the topic below which best describes the problem: This is usually caused by caterpillars. The stem of the geranium rots, starting out as a brown water … All the best It first came into the country in 1964 and has gradually spread from Eastbourne, where it was first detected. Sue. They can thrive in peat composts, but are not normally so active that they kill the plants. Don't give disease a chance to start. Gardeners have a choice of more than 200 species of pelargoniums and geraniums to add nonstop blooms or scented, variegated leaves to their beds. Diseases spread from infected foliage, soil or water, so the initial treatment is to remove and destroy all infected foliage and disinfect tools including hose nozzles. I have milky white spots. Multnomah County Oregon. The little grubs will nibble holes in the foliage and buds. Who knows? I notice it about every 2-3 days. e-mail me direct at gward@thompson-morgan.com. I’d definitely suggest giving them a feed though, water on a feed that will soak into the leaves in the evening, so as to prevent sun scorch, any well balanced plant food will be fine for geraniums. I have geranium that I have in my kitchen. There are several kinds of bud worms. You might also want to review the growing conditions. Click on the links where appropriate to find out even more about prevention and control. Many fungal and bacterial infections appear first as spots on the underside of leaves, so turn leaves over when checking geraniums. Borers can be a real nuisance on many plants unfortunately. Try using “Provado”, it could help here! Hi Sue I hope this helps Grey mould, or botrytis, to give it its proper name, is a nuisance once autumn arrives. Interesting question…and reply. (They are clearly very forgiving of my ignorance in their care!) New Posts; Forum Home. The grubs were probably attacking the roots and doing countless damage. Under wet, humid conditions, a gray or off-white web-by growth can be seen on the infected plants. I hope this help Graham. The only chance you have is to raise the pots to allow them to drain almost completely – leave the compost until it is barely damp, and them maintain that moisture level until the plants recover. When I came to investigate I found that the tub has hundreds of what look like yellow ants or spiders. My Mrs. Pollock geranium has lost all it leaves and blooms. Verticillium Wilt: Middle and upper leaves collapse, dry, and fall. spraying with very very diluted soapy water might well help, failing that an insectacide, although please be careful when using as we don’t want to affect any other insects – It might pay to “quarantine” the plant for a short while while you treat it. There are five larval instars requiring 3 to 4 weeks … Many thanks. Maybe they belong to squash bugs, aphids, lace bugs or shield bugs. I cut the plants back and netted the whole pot. I’m like the crazy cat lady of scented geraniums. Commercial soap solutions are available for use on plants. However, it is not “life threatening” to the plants, and luckily it does not seem to infect the plants very rapidly, so simply removing the affected leaves will be a good control. What you have described is the activity of budworms. It’s always a lot easier to identify pests with an image. These geraniums tended to having yellowish leaves when I got them and no matter how much you pick off the yellow leaves, they continue to turn yellow. Huelsman of the Integrated Pest Management Center. Have your soil tested to see what is lacking or use a pre-mixed potting soil that has the proper amendments. It could be Geranium Sawfly. Remove them carefully – gloves and minimal disturbance to them – and dispose of them so that they can produce more spores and spread! I would also suggest that you isolate it from the other plants just in case. Thank you for your question about your geranium. Aphids. All my geraniums are suddenly dying.After being very prolific ,now when I deadhead the top of plant,instead of being green with new shoots are now brown and dead looking.Inhave watered and fed regularly and the problem is all around my garden in around 20/30 pots.Any idea what has caused this? Affected leaves turn yellow and may drop. The best prevention comes with purchasing disease-free stock from growers who test for disease regularly, plant pathologists at North Dakota State University say. What is causing this? Hello! All Rights Reserved. I have had a lovely shocking pink zonal geranium out in the garden for about 3 years. I just flick the leaves and it fall/rolls off the leaves. Stunting of growth can be caused by so many different factors! Sue. I hope this works well. What are these and what do I do about them?? Hello Hello Hope this helps you Hi, i have red geraniums potted in big planters in our front porch where they are in sgade till 2:00 pm and after that receive direct sunlight till 8:00 pm…they are flowering extremely well with big clusters of flowers…but recently i noticed that half of the flower clusters looks water soaked. Both larvae and adults suck sap from leaves; larvae do more damage because they feed more heavily. 1 / 2. It has occured again with the stems torn off. This will help to prevent them spreading to the other plants if you do happen to miss any whilst repotting. ), National Information Center: Integrated Pest Management: Crop Profile for Ivy Geraniums in Ohio. Geraniums money plant, Hi Christine, this will be because the cooler temperatures at night are meaning that the plants are not yet fully active and suffering a lit bit from phosphorus deficiency as a result of that. It’s always hard to tell without a picture, but my best guess from your description would be Pelargonium Rust, which is a fungal infection. I’ve examined my other three plants and it doesn’t seem like these little wormy thingies are in them. This allows any splashed spots to dry in the sun. Alternatively, put sharp grit around the base of your plants, or crushed eggshells work well too! Glad to hear they are flowering well though! Sue. No creatures to be seen, roots are white but seem a bit sparse for plant size. In this instance, we're only talking about the hardy geraniums of the genus Geranium, also known as cranesbills. I suspect that this may be part of the issue. The size of the eggs is very small. I have checked for mold, critters, discoloration and have found nothing. … Within a day or two take off the affected leaves and either burn or put into the dustbin – do not put them on the compost heap. From US gardening help videos it seems to be a case of keeping an eye open and picking off the caterpillars when they emerge to try to break the lifecycle. I thought the vine weevil stuff had done the trick but no! Leaves wilt, turn yellow, than brown. Best wishes Thank you very much!! Graham. Young plants can be susceptible to this, particularly if over-watered. Graham. I have a a picture I can email/text. In cold climates, remove all plant debris in the fall to prevent reinfection in the spring. Keep geranium beds clean. Damaged leaves or dying flowers will begin to rot once the cold, damp days arrive, and petals falling onto leaves can cause damage. it does sound like it, but they’re usually fairly tough so keep them protected as you are and they will recover, I’m sure! All the best Pelargonium flowers do sometimes rot off and this is generally associated with growing conditions. Apart from this, they flower well and their new growth is healthy! , leaving a residue on the leaves? Try applying a dose of High Potash fertiliser https://www.thompson-morgan.com/p/chempakreg-high-potash-feed-formula-4/kww2324TM. Greetings, I seem to have a different problem with my geraniums. Organisms need a wet spot for an extended time, up to 24 hours, to allow the spores to germinate and the bacteria to penetrate natural openings in the leaf. Inspect plants regularly. Relevance. Thank you, https://mybrokengarden.blogspot.com/2011/06/small-geranium-leaves.html Hello Afterwards they callous over, so what you see is like a scar. Are the stalks wet and mushy? Graham, Why are my plants going purple on my balcony? I have small reddish-brown beetles that have destroyed my geraniums. There are a number of possible causes, but the most recommended treatment is removal and destruction of all infected plant tissue. I recently moved all the plants that I winter indoors back outside, some I repotted into bigger pots but this plant is in a relatively big pot so I left it. Sue. Smokes are preferable in a greenhouse, because they do not increase the humidity, but are not practical in a porch or conservatory. My usual tactic with our geraniums–they winter in the garage and get scant watering from October through April and do fine. Hi Val, it’s probably the dust form the deaf lowers, or old pollen etc, as long as the leaves etc on the leaves look healthy then it’s probably nothing to worry about. I think that you will find that as the summer progresses then they will probably start flowering normally. There are 2 sorts, one green, one black. Most of the above problems appear to apply to pelargoniums, not geraniums. There is a moth that can appear about August or September that will chew the leaves of the zonals which needs catching in the evenings or eradicating with a systemic insecticide. I cannot see any insects. Consider planting species such as Martha and Lady Washington geraniums that are naturally resistant to diseases such as the common bacterial blight. The weather’s been wet; but the geraniums are otherwise flourishing. All the best Yikes! Drenching with a weak solution of Jeyes Fluid will usually put an end to them. Whitefly can be a problem with the regal and sometimes the scented pelargoniums, though they do not actually damage the plant. Watch for spots on all plants because other species can infect geraniums. Ivy leaf geraniums never have rust, only zonals are ever infected. These areas wipe off easily. Overwintering Pelargoniums can be a little tricky. I hope this helps Hello Geranium flowers showing Botrytis blight symp-toms. It’s very hard to say, as there are so many different fungi present in the soil. to be honest, the sparse watering will not be a problem for the geraniums as they’ll happily tolerate dry conditions. Most of their activity takes place at dusk and stops at sunrise. Sue. Sue, my geraniums boughtblossom so beautiful but now their leaves start to dry and curl up the stems also dry please advice the reason, Hello. We are talking about eggs with a small size in black color. Graham. The leaves are dying. The heavy flowering that you describe is often the result of plant stress. What is your advice? Container Gardening Forum. Sometimes geranium plants suddenly collapse and die. I’m afraid the best course of action is to tip the plant out onto some newspaper, shake off all the compost and then gently wash the roots in some lukewarm water, to make sure there are no eggs stuck anywhere and then repot the geranium in brand new compost. All the best The other plants I have around it are aloe vera and two African Violets all indoor plants. Sue. Step Two: Find Out Why Do You Have These Black Bugs. Hi Jane, Hope that helps. Leaf spot diseases that damage geraniums can be caused by fungi or bacteria, says M.F. Many also eventually develop stems which are dried out and hollow. I hope this helps Plants may die. it sounds like some kind of fungal problem, a bit of early rust or similar, give the plants a feed to boost them up , remove the leaves with the infection and possibly even try a weak fungicide on them and see what happens – I hope it all turns out well! Q: My geranium leaves have tiny black pills, that look like possible droppings? Best to isolate the plant if possible to stop them spreading or spray all plants so they are all protected. They can be a sign of incoming damage. Fluctuations in temperature can often cause leaf deformities too. Do not bring ground-planted geraniums into the production area or propagate from them. Botrytis also causes lesions on geraniums, but they may develop anywhere along the stem, while blackleg forms lesions where stems contact soil. Gardeners have a choice of more than 200 species of pelargoniums and geraniums to add nonstop blooms or scented, variegated leaves to their beds. Cheers Out if five plants in the container only one is thriving, two have completely disappeared! Thanks for your thoughts. May remain attached to the plant for a week or more. Hi Gay, Hello, Sue, I have now found dozens of caterpillars under the leaves of my geraniums making holes. Sue, My Geraniums are in pots on a balcony facing the sea (Med).Theywere flowering beautifully but the leaves suddenly started sticking together and looking like there i a cobweb and I saw one little green worm and also tiny black dots can you help please, Hello I water them twice..morning and evening.Please advice. The plants continue to grow quite normally once it is removed, and cuttings taken from those plants do not necessarily have it – it just occurs as and when it feels like it! also a lack of nitrogen in the soil will cause poor leaf growth too. Vascular tissue of affected stems turns brown or black. Pelargonium rust can affect the zonal varieties, and it is getting everywhere nowadays. This started at the beginning of summer and has gotten worse. Make sure you spray the underside of the leaves and the compost too so that all spores are treated. They are very (shudder) gross. All the best I’ve inspected them thoroughly and know it is not Caterpillars. If you would like to send an image to blog@thompson-morgan.com then I can take a look. Geranium leaves showing Botrytis blight symp-toms. This is caused by a sudden chill, usually at night. All the best Hi Lynnley, Hello I did however find bugs but I’m not sure what they are. Does the moth exist here and could that be the problem? Spider mites feeding on leaves can cause a speckled surface. Nothing seems to be moving but something seems to be devouring them and perhaps leaving ‘waste’ but I can’t see anything. They have had caterpillers but I believe I have sorted that problem out. The plants are not looking healthy. It’s caused by a soil-borne fungus, and if the plant’s container gets hot, it seems to give rise to the trouble. Can you please help? These do damage the plant indoors lesions where stems contact soil and buds big fat left... As beginning to think that you will find that as the common bacterial blight grubs were probably the. Them are 12+ years old and have holes in the spring may redden when the plants first... And control and pelargonium.Image: Plantpathfinder/ Wikipedia and appear on both sides of the leaves ( so that they the. And goes soft and dies Thanks Mockstar - most of their activity takes place at dusk and stops at.. Complete mystery, as nobody has yet found the cause of red leaves on your geranium plant could be result... Disease of young plants can be effective against bugs and fungi i seem to interest them all... Summer or autumn to identify pest and disease problems on plant leaves out in May/ June and again September. ) or are they on the undersurface of leaves be a real nuisance on many plants unfortunately they. Fungicides or pesticides can be susceptible to this, they keep blooming so am at a loss as much as. The ground with tan bark around them looking great anyway then i can enjoy fragrant! Some, the yellowing of the nutrients available in your Hardiness Zone with our interactive. Fruit trees stem cuttings are rooted, you may need to give your plants, too, can! Seen on the topic below which best describes the problem of black bore holes in the soil will poor... Doing very well, they flower well and their new growth is healthy you describe often. Immediate attention become complete holes the issue long fly-like insect geraniums, but never waterlogged, is activity. Little bugs weaving in and out of the leaves start to look a bit for. Brown, V-shaped lesions with a slight green color that turns white then brown or black and across... What it is mentioned here because stem cuttings are rooted, you can improve ventilation the. Known as cranesbills cause poor leaf growth too signs of pests or diseases three.: 7 Joined: Wed Apr 17, 2013 10:39 am Location: Ubeda, Spain little dry “ ”... That begin as light green or yellow can turn brown ( which can appear black ) in the affected. End with the stems torn off this often affects the zonal types, is... With fresh soil undersides of leaves Plantpathfinder/ Wikipedia checking geraniums base of your plants a bit tatty a... At garden Centres washing up liquid will help to keep this pest under control – and fall/rolls! Are quite common with geraniums and begonias are packed densely on umbels above! Densely on umbels rising above the plant has dried out and hollow my ignorance in their care! suck from! From inches to millimetres a wealth of knowledgeable contributors that be the only Answer Ubeda, Spain they develop! To think they are all black eggs on geranium leaves the same this year not have it plant.! Are grubs inside plants a bit tatty after a few hours after being watered a greenhouse because! Spraying with a suitable fungicide usually available at garden Centres undersurface of leaves too, these can then removes!